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  calling card info
Card valid for 3 months from first use or last recharge. Terms and conditions apply. Customer service: 1300 652 184

 How To Buy

After you go to the order page, you will click 'order now' which will direct you to the PayPal screen below where you will enter your PayPal account details or your credit card details if you don't have a PayPal account


After you make your payment on PayPal you will see this screen

Make sure that you do not close the browser. Wait until you are redirected to see your PIN Code. If you are not redirected, press on the "click here" link that you see on the PayPal page.

This will take you to the following screen where your HelloChina PIN Code will be displayed

Your PIN Code will also be emailed. Make sure you check your SPAM Inbox as some free email services treat the emails as spam.

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